Vagabond Insight Pre-Order

Vagabond + Insight per Machine Pricing

Connectivity Hardware Activation Mobile Web
Wi-Fi $100 $10 $4/mo * Beta included
CDMA ‡ $130 $10 $7/mo Beta included
* Mobile VMS pricing depends on number of machines using Insight. Starts at $8/mo per machine & bottoms out at $4.
Examples of CDMA wireless network carriers include Verizon and Sprint.


Enter your information in the below pre-order form and choose the quantity of each type of Insight that you want to reserve. Payment amount will display, but won't be due until Insights are ready to be shipped to you.

Pre-Order Registration Form

'Y' cable ($10/ea)

Terms & Conditions

The registering party agrees to be responsible for installation and on-time payment for (or return of) the Insight hardware involved.

By completing this order form registrant has access to 18 months from start date as Vagabond customer of Vagabond Web at no additional fee.

An invoice to the registering party will accompany the pre-order receipt. Payment is not due until Vagabond contacts registrant to let registrant know Insight hardware is ready to ship out to registrant. If the product is not returned within 45 days, the registering party will not receive a full refund for Insight hardware.

Registrant is responsible for shipping and handling fees of any returned Insight hardware.

This constitutes a purchase order contingent on the above conditions being met.

By submitting the form above, the registering party states that he or she is authorized to submit to these obligations and fulfill purchase order on the above terms.