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Small vending machine operators represent over 80% of the operator market. The Vagabond application service is a business process management tool that has been developed specifically for small vending machine operators, who make up the vast majority (>80%) of the operator market. Vagabond includes a variety of features that help vending businesses manage their day-to-day operation and monthly tasks more efficiently and with significantly more precision. It consists of Locations, Warehouse and Reports functions which enable users to make better decisions by having increased information at their disposal.
Locations:Vagabond's Locations section provides a list of all machines with their live total fill percentage and the View, Pack, and Stock screen for each individual machine.
Warehouse: The Warehouse section integrates with the Locations functions to maintain an accurate account of current warehouse inventory and various inventory related needs. Vagabond learns the rate at which all products sell across the business to allow Vagabond users to efficiently carry the perfect mix and amount of products.
Reports: The Reports section provides the exact amount of each product sold from each machine and calculates the gross profit from the operation.
Accounts and Data: Vagabond is a cloud-based application which allows multiple users access to the same data. Each customer has one account that can be shared by multiple users who have the ability to access and update information simultaneously. Vagabond's redundant cloud design ensures that storage, bandwidth, processing and power resources flex as data requests vary.
Your information is always safely stored in the cloud.

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